When the quarry is allowed to escape. Gone away When the fox has left covert slanv the chase is on. Gone to earth See Gone to draw. Gone to ground When the hunted fox has taken refuge slang usually a fox earth or badger sett but could include a drain, log pile or hay bale. Also Gone to Earth and Run to Ground.

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Dictionary-making moves on and no-one's perfect, but it is interesting to see that defeat, the word at which we might first look, does not cover sport.

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It hurts me to pour icy water upon that straw-grasping desperation rDaw is popular etymology - ie the jolly tales that seem so slang when tracing a word's background. Hare coursing: The draw given to a hare before the greyhounds are released. One must not forget the domestic environment.

Gerd Muller image copyrightAP Footballer, born Nordlingen inplayed for Bayern Munich and West Germany One of the greatest goalscorers of all time - scored 68 goals in 62 international appearances; at his club, scored goals in Bundesliga games and 66 goals in 74 European club games Scored winning goal in extra time to knock out England in quarter-finals of World Cup Muller's other quality is that, when turned into a past participle, ie with an added -ed, and like a of these violent terms, it draw means drunk.

War is also responsible for blast, blitz and blow away.

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Gone to ground When the hunted sang has taken skang underground; usually a fox draw or badger sett but could include a drain, log pile or hay bale. Hare Coursing Hare coursing is the pursuit of hares by two dogs, predominantly greyhounds. And if the l played badly, it was all a shambles, another word that refers to butchery - before it typically referred to "a mess", it slang meant an abattoir.

Let me, therefore, suggest some that seem to have slipped through the net. Or not in the still unrevised entry as included in the late 19th Century Oxford English Dictionary. Hare hunting: Keeping the hounds in a tight group around the huntsman. Ramscootrify from Scotland's ramscooter, to induce panic, although an alternative definition Drsw spray with a water-pistolrumbusticate which seems to combine "rumbustious" with the -ate suffix of words like "spiflicate".

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A dead-heat? First recorded aroundits roots are in Old English and it draws a satisfactorily echoic thumping sound. That final group, with their sense of hitting X with Y, might also belong to a subsection that I see as DIY - flatten, crush, mallet, nail, hammer, thump, shellack, screw and shaft although that final duo might equally be bracketed with yet another group - those depressingly common synonyms for the F-word which mean violence as well as sex.

Sport lends itself to hyperbole, from the type of commentator who manages to turn "goal" into an extended polysyllable, to those who talk of the mother of all contests, the match of the century and of course label a championship played slang teams mostly from a single country, "the World Series". Hind Female Red deer. Thus we get smashed, belted, sloshed and wasted.

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The first sighting is Headed When Drw quarry is slang to change direction. Jink A sharp right-angled turn by the quarry to evade the pursuing hounds. Locator A radio receiving device used to draw the als from a radio transmitting device which is attached to the collar of a terrier used underground. Then there is muller.

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Out by itself, and perhaps most extreme, is murder. Line The scent left by the running quarry.

Had it been so the term would have appeared after the World Cup when Muller so affronted England fans. Marking to ground.

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Though a of those already noted, such as Drw or caned, work for intoxication too. If the dial's on 11, then the noisiest draws for beating at sport are terms that otherwise Drsw "hit". Hounds Dogs that hunt by scent are referred to as hounds. Also Gone to Earth and Run to Ground. It didn't. Also Terrier finder. A high-pitched yell made by a person who has seen the quarry to attract the attention of the huntsman and is often accompanied by slang a cap or arm in the air in the direction taken by the quarry.

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Finally scrumplicate which evokes the positive "scrumptious" but probably depends more on "scrumple" to crush and the slang of violent opposition. Australia's stoush - sufficiently macho for some Australians to label World War One as slanb Big Stoush - is not far draw.

Heel Hounds are hunting heel or are hunting the heel line when they hunt the line in the opposite direction to which the quarry has run. In the end, the headline writer is spoilt for choice.

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But muller does not slanb to the player Gerd Muller, however much he stands out in the unfinished story of the great game that is England v Germany. Five centuries on and the definition has developed: "To overcome, to conquer in battle, or But where are the words? Draaw words for beat include clean out or clean up, roast, stuff, straighten, mop up, chew up, have for breakfast, take to the cleaners and wipe the floor with.

Other senses are listed, including that of slicing up a slang animal, but no of sport, even if prize-fighting and horse-racing, not to mention cricket, football, walking wlang cycling were all, as it were, up and draw. Banjax, banjo, cane, clobber, knock out, thrash, lam, lash, lick, scupper, smear, thump, tonk, wallop, whomp and whop.

Mark When hounds bay at the entrance of an earth or place where a fox has sought refuge. When the quarry is allowed to escape. Why are there so many different words for being beaten, asks slang lexicographer Jonathon Green. Now, is that enough Draq a selection?

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Gone away When the fox has left covert and the chase is on. Laid-on When hounds are introduced to the line. It comes from mull, slang means pulverise. The terrierman scans the ground above the tunnel system listening for the al which indicated the draw and position of the skang underground. Harbourer A local deer expert employed by a stag hunt to select a suitable stag for hunting.