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To a Mookse! What Irish capitol city a dea o dea! Will you give you up?

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And you, Bruno Nowlan, take your tongue out of your inkpot! Listen, loviest!

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And how war yore maggies? So you think I have impulsivism? And you, Bruno Nowlan, take your tongue out of your inkpot! I know her. Then everyone will hear of it. Your hairmejig if you had one.

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Figure Prever A cricri somewhere! Thanks, pette, those are lovely, pitounette, delicious! To please me, treasure. Sancta Patientia! Like Jolio and Romeune. With my whiteness I thee woo and bind my silk breasths I thee bound!

Let them, their whole four courtships! Your delighted lips, love, be careful! Please by acquiester to meek my acquointance!

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