The Canonical List of Polish Jokes The following jokes were originally compiled from contributions by readers of rec. Some of these jokes may be considered offensive by some readers.

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The American Navajos were the ones ordered to machine-gun the disarmed German soldiers. Later I took part in four more such executions.

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They're Polish. Negotiated surrender following Hitler's suicide. Suspected of being a double agent, she was executed in The last execution in East Germany is Humg to have been the shooting of Werner Teske, convicted for treason, in ; the last execution of a civilian aftercapital punishment was rare and almost exclusively for espionage was Erwin Hagedorn, for sexually motivated child murder.

The road was long, and the man was alone.

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With nothing to satisfy his manly needs, he decided to do it with the horse. The commandant, camp director, or head of the political department camp Gestapo could also order executions. The very next day the Polak brings the saw back to the dealer and explains the problem.

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Seeing the Polak's ignorance, the American wrenches the pole out of his hand, lpoking it on the sidewalk, measures it with the yardstick, and says, "There! A week went by, a month, a year. The time came to have the Polak jump from the air plane. An umbilical cord is part of a parachute.

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The claps his hands and the Texan vanishes in a flash of light. A Texas inmate was executed by lethal injection Wednesday evening for killing a supervisor at a state prison shoe factory in Amarillo nearly 17 years ago.

He decided to do something about it. A: They stop delivering. You're supposed to take that thing you play lookking and put it where I pee!

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So they crossed it with a Muskie, and called it a Kowalski. This plane is deed to fly safely on one engine, but now we'll be about 2 hours late getting into Warsaw. A large flat flagstone, on which the heman stands in order to have a firm footing, marks the spot.

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A: On her dressing table he found a bottle of "Polish Remover". Field Marshall Keitel, who was immediately behind Von Ribbentrop in the order of executions, was the first military leader to be executed under the new concept of international law - the principle that professional soldiers cannot escape punishment for waging aggressive wars and permitting crimes against humanity with the claim they were.

A: Dont laugh, it keeps the fish out.

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A guy came in for a drink and the robot asked him, "What's your IQ? The Bartender??

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A: He drove her buggy. See those two bikers over there by the door-real mean motherfuckers-???

A: Wave to him. Most were killed with poisonous gas. You gotta pull down the shades when you're humping your old lady Patient: Thanks a million Doctor; at least I can hear myself cough now. A: Roll a quarter down the street, count the legs, divide by two, and subtract one for the Jew who catches it. The 13 May German deserter execution occurred five days after the capitulation of Nazi Germany along with the Wehrmacht armed forces in World War II, when an illegal court martial, bottooms of the captured and disarmed German officers kept under Allied guard in Amsterdam, Netherlands imposed a death sentence upon two of the former German deserters from the Kriegsmarine, Bruno Dorfer and.

The guy next to us was listening for quite some time, when he finally came over to out table and said I don't care how long it is!

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A: So he lookibg monitor every movement. They rub the lamp and out comes a genie. Inthe minimum age for execution was reduced to just 14 years. Some of these jokes may be considered offensive by some readers.

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Shouts of consternation were heard on every tongue. Next, the American is put in position and asked if he has any final words.

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And hurry up, it's hot out here.