But for many, their addictive nature has already taken hold.

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And nearly three dozen states have cleared the use of medical cannabis.

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Under the law, anyone gett of selling, making or possessing 28 synthetic drugs, including bath salts, will face penalties similar to those for dealing traditional drugs like cocaine and heroin. There are no official federal estimates on deaths connected with the drugs, many of which do not show up on typical drug tests. The problem for lawmakers is that it's difficult to crack down on the drugs.

Is the legal amount [of THC] equal to a beer?

Related Health Colorado's biggest weed users are hotel and restaurant staff States that set a THC-level standard confront weak technology and limited science. My mate said 'hey I've got a spliff for you', I had three, four drags, and I was stuck up against a wall for two hours.

Smith, the Tennessee doctor. And we're talking doses on the order of 10 or 20 times what you would give for a painful procedure.

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For alcohol, there is a clear, national standard. As law enforcement began cracking down on the problem there, the drugs spread across the Atlantic Ocean.

When asked if it would have made a difference if Spice was banned when she started taking it, Grace sighs. Doctors struggle to define when marijuana impairs judgment.

Packets of "Lady Bubbles" bath salts, for instance, were found on Sgt. In fact, Mark Ryan, director of the Louisiana Poison Center, says there are so many different drugs out there that it's almost impossible to know what people have ingested, or how long the effects will last.

Legal way to get high

It changes people permanently. In New York, the governor said Dec. She started smoking Spice to cope with the cold but then very quickly became hooked.

These efforts are sparking a difficult question: At what point is someone too high to get behind the wheel? If you've never had it, a little bit can make you end up barking like a dog and spitting at people. I hate the fact I'm on it.

Bruce eli mosbacher is a chicago attorney specializing in cannabis law.

Smith recalls one man who had been running for more than 24 hours because he believed the devil was chasing him with an ax. Gwt example, bath salts sold wsy Louisiana carry regional names like Hurricane Charlie or Bayou. Indeed, relying on more subjective testing is in some ways the direct opposite of conventional wisdom. The drugs are often sold at small, independent stores in misleading packaging that suggests common household items like bath salts, incense and plant food.

But police reports have implicated the drugs in several cases. The Police Federation of England and Wales says a clear definition is needed of what a psychoactive substance is.

Cookeville Regional Medical Center in Tennessee has treated people suspected of taking bath salts since Police reported that Dickie Sanders, 21, shot himself in aay head Nov. I'll never be the same as I was again. In some cases, he said, doctors have to use prescription sedatives that are typically reserved for surgery.

Legal highs: spice addiction 'made me punch myself'

Someone could legally smoke a t and still have THC appear in blood or urine way long after the high passes. The widespread availability of the drugs in stores is equally alluring for drug users: they can get a cheap high similar to that of illegal drugs by walking to a corner store. But four years ago she became hith to Spice, a form of synthetic cannabis, and it took control get her high. Blood, for instance, needs to be analyzed in a lab, and collecting urine gets complicated. The most dangerous synthetic drugs are stimulants that affect levels of both dopamine and serotonin, brain chemicals that affect mood and perception.

These tests, legal, risk their own kind of error.

Wrecked by a high tide

But the elder Sanders said that as he slept, his son went into another room and shot himself. The chase began when Stewart sped past a police patrol car at 6 a. Kaiser Family Foundation which is not affiliated with Kaiser Permanente.

Legal way to get high

The new ban will bring to an end the sale of legal highs on the high streets and wat give the police new powers to seize and destroy psychoactive substances, search people, premises and vehicles, and to search premises by warrant if necessary. But the problem soon spread across the country.

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Sullivan Smith, who works there, said people on the drugs become combative, and it can take four or five health professionals to subdue them. Grace has a friendly, intelligent personality and is a gifted artist. But states that have legalized pot have to figure it out, wqy said.

The year-old left home after a breakdown in relationships with her family and ended up on the street, hih in doorways, squats and tents - wherever she found room. Is it a six-pack? This summer she is planning a "Spice Free" BBQ with one rule - they cannot get high or be high that day. Law enforcement officials hih to the drugs collectively as "bath salts," though they have nothing in common with the fragrant toiletries used to moisturize skin.