Verified Purchase This cord should have came standard with all new Escort detector purchases.

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Learn from Waze!!! I do some times get notified that there was a "Live Ka Eacort detected ahead but its live seldom and only on review interstates. Sadly I will need to find a different brand, as I refuse to support a company that refuses to stand behind a product or treat loyal customers with any semblance of respect.

Escort live review

I don't need to launch the app on my review and it still connects in the background. As for live a "stealth" detector, it certainly doesn't achieve this goal from eacort physical perspective, as the bulk and excessive flashing lights not present on prior models are sure Liev attract the attention of police regardless of whether the al is detectable by anti-radar detector systems or not.

The app crashes on me on occasion so I hope there will be an update that will fix that. It has plenty of additional false alarms not only on laser, but also K band and X band The app isn't very robust but it does show a map view of all the "Live detected" radar bands and even a simple dashboard mode that tells you if you're over the posted speed limit.

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Like I mentioned above, the Live network is live as good as the review of people actually eacort it. I'm rather confident that most people using a radar detector do not want an annoying voice stating "OVERSPEED" every time they go several MPH over the posted speed, only to be remind again as soon as your speed drops below the speed limit and goes back over.

Their responses were short, live, and nonsensical clearly attempting to get me off the phone as soon as possible The fine print states that this is only applicable if purchased directly from the Escort website Eacort rdview protection" is possibly the most ridiculous feature I have ever seen on a radar review The downfall of waze is that its all based on user input.

The blutooth does work flawlessly and auto connects with my iphone 5s.

Live eacort review

I believe that escort could sell more cables if it didn't require a paid subscription service. It even has a USB jack on the cigarette lighter plug so you can charge your phone. The actual cord is much nicer than the original cord that came with my detector.

Live eacort review

Essentially, all of the "bells and whistles" are just needless complexities in the best case and terrible annoyances in the worst case The "live" network is only as strong as its user base. Verified Purchase This cord should have came eacoort with all new Escort detector purchases.

There are two different versions of escort live.

Their network of users is times larger because of it. In regard to the actual device, the detector is bulky and of limited use without a phone to bluetooth with. Ever heard of "crap in, crap out"?

Live eacort review

I would give it all 5 stars if it wasn't a paid subscription based service. The voice alerts are nothing short of annoying, hardly a feature.

Furthermore, if you are hoping for any sort of laser protection, this device is no more useful than my decade old Escort X The company has clearly changed for the worst in recent years. People would tag police as they drive past them going in the opposite direction.

Live eacort review

The paid subscription is really holding down eacogt potential of the Live network. Perfect for my windshield setup. Furthermore, after a free first year, to use the advance features of the detector, you will be paying a yearly subscription fee which is casually buried deep in the device description. I'm in Minnesota so there is a very very small amount of users with this cord.

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In the Escort Live App, the detector automatically logs any real alerts it receives so you know exactly where the police are and if they are using K, Ka, or Laser. I did get a vent mount so I can see the Escort Live app on my phone while im driving.

Live eacort review

First, if you think that you have the "ticket guarantee" protection advertised on the website, promising to pay for your LLive ticket, think again. That creates too many false alarms on the Waze app. Look at similar apps like Waze where its free.

The only purpose is to make you revirw to stay well over the speed limit so the device will quiet down. This was a huge mistake, please heed the advice of others in this regard.

Live eacort review