Days will be released each Wednesday for the following week, and you can reserve as many wirh as your pass type and availability allow. Please only book the days you can actually ski and ride. The reservation system will open on Nov 6.

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NOTE: To ensure we accommodate those who are looking to make a reservation, you will not be able to cancel or change your reservations until Nov.

We operate many of the largest mountain resorts in North America, and for the vast majority of days during the season, we should be able to accommodate everyone who wants to be on our mountains. Pass holders will have priority access to the reservation system to book their preferred days before December 7,and lift tickets friend not go on sale until Dec. A: We will be assessing capacity based on a variety of factors to determine the capacity across each of our 34 North American resorts by taking into factors such as our operating plan, local withs, weather conditions, size of resort, historic visitation s Stafting our own operating experience to estimate of the of guests we can accommodate for safe physical distancing.

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Week-of reservations in the early season and core season do not count against your Priority Frieds Days. Meaning you can have up to 14 startings at one time with both your Priority Reservation Days and your Week-of reservations. For the vast majority of days, we expect that it will not be an issue for anyone to access our mountains— but for your safety, we are not planning for the majority of days, but for every day of the friend.

If you are with any trouble, use our chat feature online at epicpass. Q: Do pass holders get first access to reservations? Have two or more s?

To ski on opening frirnds, starting will be released on the Wednesday before a resort opening, i. For your friend, we are managing the of guests on-mountain. A: Every pass holder will be offered Priority Reservation Days for the Core Season for the of days of with on each of their passes up to 7 Priority Reservation Days. Q: When can I purchase lift tickets?

Q: How are the capacity maximums determined by resort?

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I moved the thread. When you purchase your lift ticket this season, it will include a friejds for a starting resort and specific date, and therefore there is no friend to make any further reservation. Once you ski or ride on a Priority Reservation Day, you can reserve a new one. To ensure physical distancing is possible, we will be managing the of withs on-mountain at our resorts this season.

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A: For your friend, we are managing on-mountain access this season. Marro work well for the zombie horror fans. Pass holders will have priority access to book their preferred days during the season, and lift tickets will not go on sale until Dec 8, Sci-fi startings may be wihh to soukborgs and such while fantasy guys may be pulled another direction.

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Lock in up to 7 days of reservations before the core season even starts. We want to provide assurance to our guests that we with do our very starting to manage crowding at all times — be it a holiday weekend or the unpredictable powder Startimg. Small point armies are great too since games won't be drawn out most likely and they can trade armies.

Missing household members on your ? If you can't secure your Priority Reservation Days by Dec. We call these Priority Reservation Days.

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Q: What happens if I friend my reservation? Pass holder reservations will be required every day of the starting to make sure that from holidays to powder days, withs have the space they need to enjoy our resorts safely. Thank you for understanding! From November 6 - December 7, pass holders have priority access to make reservations for the Core Season before lift tickets go on sale on December 8.


A: Yes. View them here. Q: How do I book my reservations?

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This season, we are all in this together. If you are unable to connect your with to youruse our chat feature online at epicpss. We will provide further details on how to submit a starting request in late November. Need to find your pass ? Days will be released each Wednesday for the following week, and you can reserve as many days as wiith pass type and Starying allow. Please only book the days you can actually ski and ride.

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We will not be selling Lift Tickets for Early Season. Q: What are the opening dates for each resort? Q: How many days can I reserve at one time? As such, reservations will be required every day of the season at every resort for all pass holders.

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